Scholarship Programme

Why have we setup the PCP Scholarship scheme

We have setup the scheme to support the current GP workforce by increasing the number of GPs practising in the UK. Our experience interacting with both Surgeries and GPs, highlights that current recruitment strategies alone will not meet the population demand that the Primary Care industry is and will be facing. This is due to many factors including a growing, ageing population who are more reliant on Primary Care which is the bedrock of the NHS.

The Primary Care sector has experienced under funding for some time. This is magnified when you consider that 90% of patient consultants are delivered by a Primary Care Clinician, despite only receiving 8% of the NHS budget.

Lastly, Primary Care Professionals felt our expertise at a time where the Primary Care sector was experiencing workforce issues, was the only way that the current conditions would experience recovery. Experts that focus on GP recruitment and retention can offer valuable expertise at a time when workforce decisions could have a detrimental impact on the long term future of General Practice.

We have setup the scholarship to reduce workload for the current GP workforce by increasing the capacity of GPs practising, as well supporting GPs (with previous UK experience) or Family Medicine clinicians from EEA with an accepted PMQ.

Who can apply?

If you are a General Practitioner from Europe and keen to work in the United Kingdom this Scholarship Programme is for you. Acceptance onto our incomparable Programme provides GPs with Primary Care Professionals’s support throughout the whole programme, providing you with help in everything you do including relocation, accommodation, transport, training, I&R Scheme, exams and your Work Based Placement, all fully funded until you get on the National Performers List. Once you are on the NPL you will have a 3 year post Scholarship PCP contract and you can work in any NHS England or Private Practice with great benefits including Competitive Salary, fully inclusive Indemnity Insurance, Employee Benefit Scheme plus other consultancy services.

Which employers will benefit?

By partnering with carefully selected EU organisations and offering a full UK-based GP training programme, PCP is able to offer public and private primary care sector organisations of all sizes the most cost-effective, high-quality long-term solution to their GP recruitment challenges, which will in turn improve capacity and increase patient access and continuity of care.

Throughout the whole training process, and after they start their work based placement in a general practice, they will receive regular support from both the GP trainers from their course as well as from the clinically-trained PCP Client Services staff. This will ensure that they feel comfortable at all times with the progress of their careers within the UK healthcare system and help both their integration and retention.

We believe, with the backing and support of numerous high-level UK primary care professionals, that our EU GP Scholarship Programme will bring unprecedented recruitment value and revolutionise the present market model, bringing further relief to the over-stretched Primary Care sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any costs to candidates?
This is an illegal practice in the UK and no, we do not charge our candidates.

How long will it take for me to start working in the UK?
This will depend on your current status as a GP, whereabouts in the registration process you are and how much training and development you will need. We generally say between 6-12 months, however this time frame could be lengthened or shortened based on your individual circumstances.

Can I apply from my home country even before I am ready to move to the UK?
Yes, Primary Care Professionals understands that this a serious decision and our Scholarship Programme gives you support from the very beginning. If you are accepted our team will guide you through the whole relocation.

Will I have a job even after 3 years?
Yes as long as you are keeping up with your professional development, we will advise and support you throughout your placement and ongoing development.

What if I fail any exams?
Primary Care Professionals have established NHS GP trainers who will help, support and give guidance on how best to prepare for and re-sit exams as may be required.

What if I don’t like my new job?
Primary Care Professionals will ensure you have an excellent understanding of General Practice in the UK which will give you a good idea of what the job entails before you make any career decision. Primary Care Professionals will make the best efforts to place you in a suitable job matching your expectations and you will be relocated if for whatever reason the need arises.

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